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Avidyne Product Intro
Program Rules and Conditions


  • Must be a PA32OP Club Member (orders will be cross referenced)
  • Non-Piper Models are approved.
  • US, Canada and International registered aircraft are included.
  • Applicable taxes, shipping and handling are in addition at the buyers expense
  • All orders must be paid in full prior to shipment.
  • Orders will be batched processed and shipped each week on Wed the average lead time from order to receipt is 3 weeks. 
  • All IFDs include 1 year warranty (plus up to 3 years additional free if you register for 
  • All other LRUs include a 2 year warranty
  • Free 60 day Jeppesen trial (IFD Databases are from Jeppesen only. as low as $450/year for NAV/OBS, +$150 USA charts for 5XX 
  • Free software updates from Avidyne. (SW Upgrade labor not included)
  • All trade-ins are subject to verification of model/condition prior to credit. 
  • Installation can be with any IA/AP or Certified repair station with supervision from RG Aero and Avidyne. 
    • Avidyne Pilots Facebook Group with support for any ops questions.

  • IFDs include these features standard at no extra charge

    • 3 IPAD Apps, 1 Training app (15+ videos) 2 IFD100 (Giant Remote in flight) 3 IFD Xplane (Practice at home in your sim) 
    • WIFI and Bluetooth are included free (Works with a variety of sw like Foreflight, IFly etc) 
    • Syn Vis and Forward Looking Terrain Alerts are standard safety features no charge
Eligible Hardware
Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive my order?

All Products are In Stock and Ready to Ship from Avidyne. You could expect to receive your order within 2-3 weeks. 

How do I buy?

First you’ll want to be sure you have some basic info available like Reg#, Billing Address, Shipping Address, the name and contact information for your installer etc.

Then, Click the Order Now Button below and enter the critical details we need to get your order just right. Then click submit. A team member will reach out to you to confirm your order and help arrange for payment.

How are orders processed?

In order to manage the ordering process and keep pricing low. We batch the orders each week on Wednesdays and place a bulk PO with Avidyne. Once we receive your order and confirm its right we will get it out to you right away. Usually received your order in less than 3 weeks. 

Do I have to use an Avidyne Dealer to install?

We encourage you to do so, but no it is not required. However, you do need to provide the name and contact details of your installer at the time of order. This will be sure we get the critical information to them and provide excellent technical support when needed. 

I hear Avidyne Avionics units are Plug and Play with other systems. What can I expect for installation costs?

You can definitely expect a significant reduction over normal installation cost. Certainly each aircraft and installation will be unique, however the following units were designed to slide in to the same trays and use the same connectors to reduce the installation cost. 

IFD 410 ——> GNS 400/400W

IFD 440 ——> GNS 430/430W

IFD 510/545 ——> GNS 500/500W

IFD 540/550 ——> GNS 530/530W

AMX240 —--> GMA340, PS 8000B

AXP340 ——> KT76A, KT87A 

DFC90 —--> STEC 55X 

I heard that IFD units are Plug and Play with GNS units. What can I expect for installation costs?

You can definitely expect a significant reduction over normal installation cost. However no two installations are exactly alike. The IFD 400 series will slide in and physically fit into the GNS 430/430W tray with the same connectors. Likewise for the IFD 500 Series with the GNS 530/530W. A few key points to watch out for

***430/530 Non-WAAS systems will require a WAAS antenna upgrade to enable full functionality. However, you can upgrade the control head now and schedule the antenna installation at your next 100hr/Annual to save the cost of opening the interior panels. We can help turn on the WAAS functionality as soon as the antenna is capable at no charge. 

***Some cross-fill ports need to be reconfigured (IFD cross-fill can only use RS232 Port 3 on both units.

***Full audio alert function will in most cases require an additional audio panel connection.

***In most cases, the GPS and COM circuit breaker must be upgrade to a higher amperage

***If connecting to Garmin GTX335/345/335R/345R there are some additional wires that may be required.

We encourage you to talk to your installer before you buy to understand the cost of your installation. We have some installations that can be done in 1 day and others that are new installs that take several working days to complete. 

What else do I need to buy?

Basic shop supplies (aircraft wire and terminals) and the correct circuit breakers for your application. Our kits come standard with tray, connector kit and WAAS Antenna. Since WIFI, BlueTooth, Synthetic Vision System and Forward Looking Terrain Alerting are all standard features no additional unlock codes are required. 

Can I install Avidyne IFD with a Garmin GFC 500?

Yes. IFDs are STC’d to interface to G5. G5 is an approved/required interface for GFC500

What subscriptions do I need?

Avidyne products work with and require Jeppesen databases. A free 60 day trial is included with each IFD purchase. 

How does the warranty work?

Basically you get 4 year warranty for free. Each unit comes standard with 1 year warranty. When you signup for you get an additional year free. If you decide to signup for Aeroplan for free you get  an extra 2 years. 

What support is available to me as a pilot or maintainer?

Each customer has access to 4 main support channels.
*** Customer Knowledge Base – is a free online library of all types of support and self help topics.
*** YouTube Videos – Avidyne provides free Youtube Channel video tutorials on.a variety of topics including operations and maintenance.
*** Avidyne Pilots Facebook Group – A forum of Avidyne hardware owners to ask questions, share tips and keep up to date on the latest info.
*** Avidyne Dealer Network – A vast network of dealers are available to assist with troubleshooting, repair, and operational support. 

Will it work with GFC500?

Short answer is yes there are already aircraft flying in this configuration. Here is how. 

The Avidyne IFDs are already STCd to interface with G5’s. GFC500 requires a display interface which allows/requires connection to the G5 or other displays. 

Thus with G5 as the interface, it’s already flying.