October 1st, 2018
Albuquerque, NM 

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RG Aero, LLC is very excited to announce that we have entered a license agreement with Adams Aerostats, LLC during the first quarter of 2018 to produce all models of Adams Balloons under type certificate A15SO. Furthermore, we have applied for production approval with the FAA and are currently undergoing the process to receive a full production certificate. We will focus on bringing economy of scale, simple standard configurations, and the quality and production standards of the large airplane and helicopter OEMs to Adams aircraft and ballooning industry. RG Aero, LLC is in no way affiliated with Adams Balloons or Andrew Richardson. We are a company with our headquarters based in Albuquerque, NM.

Our president, Andrea Giron is an aeronautical engineer with experience in production and refurbishments of light jets and helicopters with companies such as Eclipse Aerospace and Sikorsky Aircraft. Kevin Haynes the Chief Executive Manager has been designated to act as the FAA liaison and will be responsible for the quality system and setting up the initial production line. He brings nearly 20 years of aviation experience including a flight instructor and Inspection Authorization mechanics ratings in multiple aircraft categories. The company has selected Albuquerque for the location of its production certificate and will manufacture some parts in Bogota, Colombia taking advantage of the low cost of materials, and a highly skilled workforce in the textile industry. Ms. Giron states “We want to stress that Mr. Richardson and Adams Balloons, LLC are completely separate from and in no way affiliated with RG Aero, LLC. Our primary focus at RG Aero is to earn the confidence of the ballooning industry by focusing on producing quality products and delivering them on time, every time. We will be producing complete systems as well as upper and lower end assemblies and accessories to deliver a ready to fly product at the most affordable price point in the industry. We have and continue to invest in the technology and resources that will allow us to deliver our first mass-produced aircraft the RG Noventa (A55S, 90kcuft) a complete aircraft delivered with a trailer, fan, radios, gloves, instruments, and even gloves so that when a customer takes delivery of their new aircraft, they can fly the next morning. We understand there will be many questions around our policies and procedures and we want to be open and transparent from day one.

Pricing: The complete RG Noventa System including all accessories mentioned above is expected to retail at just under $40,000 USD before taxes and title transfer fees. A complete A55S (90k) Envelope Assembly is expected to retail at $13,333 before tax and transfer fees. To show we are serious about changing the balloon industry, we plan to offer the complete RG Noventa System at a price of $39,900 USD plus tax for a limited time. For pricing and details of included features, we encourage you to contact our sales team at 
Worldwide Sales Network: Our products will be available for sales and delivery worldwide. We will help make arrangements to deliver the aircraft with an export certificate to almost any country in the world. We are currently accepting applications to become part of our Sales and Support Network in all regions including the US. Please contact our sales team at if you are interested in joining our network. 

Payment Terms: Our payment terms are simple and reliable. A 10% deposit is required to place an order. All deposits go directly into an escrow account with the title company. The second payment of 50% which can come either from the finance company or directly from the buyer, is due when we have assigned your materials to your build. In other words, once we have purchased and kitted your build materials your payment is due. Once we have received your 2nd payment, production continues and a delivery date is set. At the time of delivery and acceptance of your aircraft or major assembly, the final 40% will be due and we will conduct the title transfer and registration immediately. These payment terms will apply to all complete systems, envelope assemblies and gondola assemblies. 

Title, Delivery and Registration: Escrow payments can be made directly through our website or can be made at the time of sales contract signature via wire transfer. We have selected our trusted partner AeroTitle to handle all escrow payments. More information is available. We will conduct all aircraft deliveries through title transfer company the same as the industry standard in airplanes and helicopters, thus ensuring that when you take delivery of your aircraft or product, you are the only owner and there is registered title and guarantee of ownership. RG Aero will cover the title and escrow fees as we want you to feel safe placing orders with us. 

Financing: We are pleased to announce that we have received approval to offer AOPA financing both directly and on our website. Customers can apply for financing directly through our site at 

Delivery Dates: We want to instill confidence in every single client that we meet our commitments. You can count on the delivery of our products on the agreed date, thus as you review our sales agreements, you will find a penalty clause. This clause will provide a discount to the price for late delivery and as such we fully intend to meet every delivery date every time. We are currently targeting Q2 2019 to begin deliveries, we want to focus on our production certificate first so that we can give each of our clients the best attention and service possible. Customers with confirmed deposits will receive a sequence number and select delivery weeks in that order. 

Available Aircraft: We have invested in producing 20 speculative aircraft for 2019. We have already placed the first 20 designs on our website and they are available for reservation immediately. We will be producing other models but will be looking for industry feedback on which size is the most desired. Current production plans include the A60S(105k) and A-B (120k) which we have not yet named. 

Sales and Marketing: We are pleased to announce that we will have a booth at Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta 2018. We will have a demo aircraft and other products onsite. We are opening our first sales promotion from now until the last day of Fiesta October 15, 2018. The first 50 orders will be eligible to win a special edition mystery prize. And for a limited time, the RG Noventa System will be sold at a price of $39,999 USD before tax and title fees, but your deposit is only $3,933USD.

Orders will count when the sales contract is fully signed and the initial deposit is confirmed as received by the escrow company. 
RG Aero, LLC can be reached for more information regarding sales at or for press requests at