Noventa Complete 90K Flyaway System ONLY $39,999


RG Ticuna 1 Burner
DBI3 Digi-tool Instruments

Payment Terms

  • Initial deposit to escrow of 10% due at contract signing
  • Second payment at production start 40% and scheduled delivery
  • Final payment due at delivery

RG-A55S-90 Specs: 90,000ft3/2848 m3; 55’ /16.7m Diameter; 55.5’/ 17m Height; and 16 Gore.

RG-Wayuu 44 Specs: Length: 44in/ 1.12m Width: 44in/ 1.12m; Rail Height: 44in / 1.12m; Occupant Capacity: Pilot + 4; and Fuel Capacity: 40 gallons.

Envelope Features Included: Triple Diamond Weave Nylon Fabric; NomexElliptical Throat; Dual Turning Vents; Parachute Vent; and Stainless Steel Cables.

Gondola Features Included: Stainless Steel Cables and Hardware; Oak Skids; 4 –10 gallon tanks; Coated Plywood floor; RG Ticuna 1 Burner; and DBI3 Digi-tool Instruments.

Fly-Away Kit Included: 5’ x 10 flatbed open trailer; Small helium tank; 20’Safety Tether; 30” Inflation Fan 6.5hp; $400 Insurance voucher; and 5 sets leather gloves.

RG Ticuna 1
Burner DBI3 Digi-tool Instruments

Gondola Accessories Kit Included

  • Padded Tank Covers
  • Padded Upright Covers
  • ABC Fire Extinguisher 4lb
  • 100’/33m Dropline with pouch
  • Pilot’s Quick reference checklist
  • (2) Backup ignitors VHF Aircraft Radio

Added Protection of Escrow and Title

  • Included in every aircraft sale is escrow and title services from Aerotitle. Rest easy knowing your deposit is safe.
  • At closing, you’ll receive immediate notification of your pending application from the FAA and all of your ownership documentation.


Our aircraft come standard with a 3yr/500hour warranty. Extended warranty plan is available.