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RG Aero is an aerospace service and support company based in Pompano Beach, FL, USA

Our portfolio of operations include avionics retrofits, modification, upgrades for airplanes, helicopters, LTA and UAV aircraft.

Kevin W Haynes
Founder/ Chief Executive

Kevin is an all around aviator with a Master of Aviation Science. He is rated as a Helicopter, Airplane and Balloon pilot and maintains his Inspection Authorization mechanics license. He is an instructor for avionics, and has experience internationally in sales, operations and efficiency and general business management on 4 continents.

Andrea Giron Benavides

Andrea is an Aeronautical Engineer with experience in Project Engineering, Program Management and Business Administration at major aircraft OEMs such as Sikorsky Aircraft and Eclipse Aerospace.

Felipe Cardoso
Brand Manager/IT

Felipe designed and maintains our IT systems and brand, his expertise and artistic eye are responsible for all of our brand presentation media.

Avionics Services

We pride ourselves on delivering quality products and services. Need an upgrade to your aircraft? Looking to buy a used one as a project. Our project management and aircraft maintenance team will bring the best value to your investment.

Helicopter Services

Our vast knowledge of helicopter maintenance and flight operations has been relied upon by major corporations around the world. Whether you need training, maintenance, upgrades or pilot services, RG Aero will be here to delight you.

Other Services

Maybe you want just a little more than an avionics upgrade. We can take care of this too. We do offer interior, paint, and aircraft restorations and alterations to any system in conjunction with your avionics upgrade.