We know that buying a balloon can be the most fun and equally stressful process. Sometimes you worry about quality, for others it is about confidence in the manufacturer, or am I getting the best deal? Here we take the mystery out of our balloon buying process.

You will know what to expect every step of the way.

We love what we do

Whether you are buying a complete system, or just a replacement envelope your buying process begins with designing your style.

We invest heavily in large quantities of materials to offer amazing prices. So our best value is offered in our carefully designed patterns and colors. We don’t repeat pattern and color combinations, so you can count on us that your style will be yours to rock the skies.

You’ll pick your pattern and primary and accent colors.

If you want something more custom, we can do it for a small fee and a little more time to deliver.

Check out our current patterns an colors below.

Next you’ll sign your purchase agreement and place a 10% deposit in to escrow.

We go to work receiving and kitting your materials.

Once we have everything we need to build your balloon, we will send you the photos of our build kit to confirm your production started and the expected delivery week.

At this time your 2nd payment of 40% is due.

We use the highest quality materials with the best production process and a world-class quality control system to build your product.

Our most important ingredient….. our staff. Highly trained and experienced artisans will handcraft your fabulous flying machine with the utmost pride and workmanship.

Check out a slide show of this step.

So we are in the home stretch and you’ll find out why you should choose RG Aero Hot Air Balloons.

Throughout production, our intense quality inspection program ensures that your aircraft is built to the best quality conformance at every step.

However, at RG Aero, we believe in the best process so much that we put every balloon through 3rd party airworthiness inspection. This keeps the fox out of the hen house and guarantees you and your passengers’ safety. It is a little extra cost but its worth every penny.

We follow a very old rule of aviation, we build it, we fly it. You can be sure we are so confident in our processes that we will test fly your aircraft for safety.

It is standing policy in all operations of RG Aero, if you work on it and say its ready to fly, anyone including customers can ask you to fly with them on your product. So when you are receiving your aircraft, if you are still unsure, you have the right to ask any employee who touched you balloon to fly with you.

Thus, after we have inspected we perform a few flight tests to confirm every balloon is functioning at maximum performance. When you receive your machine, rest assured it will be 100% ready to fly.

Check out some photos from the process.

Delivery and Customer Acceptance Week

Its finally arrived, your aircraft is ready to take home.

Here is what to expect,

We begin at 8 am on Monday morning with an introduction to the staff, and process overview.

We review the final delivery information and confirm that final payments are received in escrow.

We complete the deliver inspection where you will be permitted to inspect your entire aircraft from skid to crown.

In the unlikely event, that something is not conforming to the delivery standard, we will discuss a resolution.

When all is in order we will schedule your acceptance inflation weather permitting, In the meantime, we will provide a safety refresher course and familiarization to your new balloon.

Once you are ready to accept delivery of your product, we will notify and provide all the documentation to our title and escrow company. They will file all important paperwork with the FAA and send confirmation receipts directly to you.

After that funds are dispersed to RG Aero. We take our honorary photos and your off to enjoy you brand new hot air balloon.

That is how RG Aero goes the extra mile to enable flight, one dream at a time.