Every package is custom built to your POH/AFM. Please allow for longer than normal lead times.

FAA Approved Primary Replacement

  • FAA TSO’d, STC’d, TCCA Validated, EASA Validated
  • Remove your old primary engine instruments, including RPM, Manifold, EGT/CHT, Fuel Level, Oil Pressure, Oil Temperature, Volts, Amps, OAT, Fuel Flow, Fuel Pressure, TIT and more!
  • Upgrade your aircraft panel with the best engine analyzer combo available.

Clean Install

  • CGR-30P and CGR-30C fits into your existing 3 1/8″ holes (remove your old Tach and MP).
  • Engine Data Converter (EDC) accepts all inputs. Only 2 wires run to the back of the instruments.

Accurate, Dependable & Easy To Use

  • Electronics International consistently has been a leader in digital engine instrumentation since 1979.

Data Recording of Every Flight

  • All monitored functions are stored up to three times per second.
  • Up to 1,500 most recent flights stored, downloaded via a USB port.

CGR-30P Overview

CGR-30C Overview

Twin CGR-30 Combo Solution

Easily replace several of your aircraft’s primary and non-primary engine instruments with the Twin CGR-30 Combo Package which includes two CGR-30Ps and one CGR-30C.  The STC’d and TSO’d CGRs can replace and consolidate many of your primary and non-primary instruments.  Each CGR will mount flush through a 3 and 1/8 inch hole and will not protrude from your panel.

CGR-30 Combo Retail Prices

All Packages Include:

  • CGR-30P Instrument
  • CGR-30C Instrument
  • EDC-33 Engine Data Converter
  • Primary Replacement RPM
  • Primary Replacement Manifold Pressure
  • Primary Replacement Fuel Level (up to 4 Fuel Tanks)
  • Primary Replacement EGT/CHT Bargraph
  • Primary Replacement Oil Pressure
  • Primary Replacement Oil Temperature
  • Primary Replacement Volts
  • Primary Replacement Amps
  • Primary Replacement OAT
  • Primary Replacement Fuel Flow
  • Fuel Remaining and Fuel Used
  • GPS/Fuel Flow Data
  • Engine Time and Tach Time
  • Flight Timer
  • Local Time and Zulu Time
  • Pilot Programmable Checklists

Other Options (No Charge)

  • Primary Replacement Fuel Pressure*
  • Primary Replacement Hydraulic Pressure
  • Primary Replacement TIT*
  • Primary Replacement Carb Temp or OAT*
  • Second Amps Measurement*
  • On Screen Annunciators
  • Return Fuel Flow Transducer (Pressure/Carb)*
  • G-Meter
  • Horsepower

More options may be available.

Choose primary functions when ordering.

View our CGR-30 Combo Brochure Here!

CGR-30 Combo Packages
(prices include probes & cables)

Every package is custom built to your POH/AFM. Please allow for longer than normal lead times.
Due to increased demand, our current lead time is 6-8 weeks.

Description Package Retail Price
4-Cylinder COMBO Package CGR-30-COMBO-4 $5,698
6-Cylinder COMBO Package CGR-30-COMBO-6 $6,098
7-Cylinder COMBO Package CGR-30-COMBO-7 $6,298
9-Cylinder COMBO Package CGR-30-COMBO-9 $7,098
Twin CGR-30 Combo Package (2x CGR-30P + CGR-30C) CGR-30-TC-4 $10,698
Twin CGR-30 Combo Package (2x CGR-30P + CGR-30C) CGR-30-TC-6 $11,598

Additional Options

Description Package Retail Price
CO Detector (CO Guardian) CO-DETECTOR $595
Primary Float Type Replacement Fuel Probes P-300M $495/ea